James Nerlinger, Jr.                                                                                             

PO Box 58173                                                                                                        Office:   (513) 265-3539

Cincinnati, Ohio 45258-0173                                                                               Email:      jnj@jatero.com

Objective                               Business growth in private consulting practice catering to computer forensic

                                                and network / system needs.


Work Experience

2000-Present                         Jatero Consulting & Development

                                                Cincinnati, Ohio

                                                Forensic & Networking Consultant

Consult in matters of computer security and perform forensic analyses of computer systems; conduct on-site inspections of existing networks for maintenance and upgrade of systems; provide network-based solutions for small to medium sized businesses.


1999-1999                               CTD Technologies, Inc.

                                                West Chester, Ohio

                                                Network Consultant / Systems Administrator

Perform on-site inspections of existing networks for maintenance & upgrade of systems; determine networking & information security needs for local area networks and wide area networks; implement network solutions for small to medium sized businesses; manage and maintain Windows NT based network system for internet service provider & design side of CTD business.


1995 - 1999                             Hamilton County Sheriff's Office          

                                                Cincinnati, Ohio

                                                Deputy Sheriff – Detective

Investigation of crimes of a technological nature, including computer based fraud, cell fraud, wire fraud, hackers/phreakers, obscenity/child pornography, etc.  Forensic analysis and fieldwork included.  Designed, Implemented, and maintained agency web site.  Over 200 cases successfully investigated and closed.  Also assisted other local agencies and federal agencies such as the FBI and Secret Service.  Trained fellow officers in high-tech crime investigation and lectured widely.  Experience with expert testimony.


1991 - 1995                             Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

                                                Cincinnati, Ohio

                                                Deputy Sheriff – Corrections

Care, custody, control of inmates; transportation, intake and processing of prisoners.  State certified Peace officer.


Education                              Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, graduation

date of 6/96.  Currently pursuing Bachelor of Science track in Social Sciences with a History concentration at the University of Cincinnati (Senior level).


Acquired Skills                     Over 15 years of technical and operational experience with IBM PC compatible

computer systems, 9 years of operating a public bulletin board system, computer networking experience, Internet & web design and implementation. Guest speaker/lector for various organizations.  Practical background in applied statistics.  Additional certificates from schools and agencies available upon request.



Dr. Richard Melton, Statistics Instructor

University Of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

(513) 556-5544


Pamela King, Criminal Justice Analyst


140 Terry Drive

Suite 100

Newtown, PA 18940



Bill Spernow, Research Director

Gartner Group

56 Top Gallant Road

Stamford, Connecticut 06902-7700

(203) 316-1233


Professor Howard Todd, History Instructor

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

(513) 556-0702


Curriculum Vitae For James Nerlinger, Jr.


                Jatero Consulting & Development

                PO Box 58173

                Cincinnati, Ohio 45258-0173

                01-01-00Present  Forensic & Network Consultant


CTD Technologies, Inc.

6942 Tylersville Road

West Chester, Ohio 45069

07/12/9901-07-00   Network Consultant / Systems Administrator


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

1000 Sycamore Street, Room 110

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


                                12/05/91  Corrections Officer

                                03/05/95  Law Enforcement Investigator, Regional Electronics Computer Intelligence Unit


                H/S:        School for the Creative & Performing Arts

                                                Graduation June 1987

College: University of Cincinnati

                                                Bachelor of Arts – Psychology/Pre-Law

Dean’s List 7 quarters of last 3 years in school

                                Graduation June 1996 (Transcripts available upon request)

                University of Cincinnati (In progress)

                                Bachelor of Science – Social Sciences (History)

                                Expected Graduation June 2002

Professional Training

                Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

                                01/13/92  Corrections Academy

                                04/29/93  Peace Officer Academy (Certification #931091)

                Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy

                                05/26/93  Introduction to Occult Investigation (2 Days)

                                02/25/94  Death Investigation (2 Days)

                                11/05/96  Legal Aspects of Electronic Surveillance (2 Days)

                Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN)

                                1995        Introductory Seminar (2 Days, In House)

                Air Force Office of Special investigations

                                04/14/95  Computer Crimes Investigations Course (3 Days)

                Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

                                04/28/95  Criminal Investigations in an Automated Environment Training Program (2 Weeks)


                                06/23/95  The Investigation of Computer Crime (5 Days)

                Ameritech Cellular Service

                                1995        Cellular Technology Fundamentals (2 Days)

                University of Cincinnati (Criminal Justice Seminars)

                                09/29/95  History of Serial Murder (1 Day)

                                11/03/95  Using Reality Therapy with Resistant Offenders in Community Corrections (1 Day)

                                11/17/95  Treatment of the Chemically Dependent Offender (1 Day)

                                04/12/96  Profiling Violent Crime (1 Day)

                John E. Reid and Associates

                                06/10/96  The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation (3 Days)

                International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists

                                04/18/97  DOS Seizure Certification (2 Weeks)

                                04/26/99 Advanced Topics Seminar (1 Week)

                New Diamond International

                                09/10/97 Hacking Techniques (NASA Sponsored) (3 Days)


                                10/27/97  Network Security (1 Day)

                Motorola Corporation

                                12/09/97  Cellular Phone Fraud (1 Day)

                National White Collar Crime Center

                                02/27/98  Cyber Cop 101 (5 Days)

Professional Organization Conferences:

                1999        MAGLOCLEN/NYSP Gang Conference (Albany, NY)

                1999        ROCIC Gangs Across America Conference (Nashville, TN)

                1998        High Technology Crime Investigation Association International Conf. (Myrtle Beach, SC)

                1998        MAGLOCLEN 11th Annual Gang Information Sharing Conference (Baltimore, MD)

                1997        International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists Conf. (Orlando, FL)

                1996        High Technology Crime Investigation Association National Conf. (NY, NY)


Speaking Engagements:

                2000        Warm98 Morning Radio Show, Cincinnati Ohio

                1999        Centers for Local Government

                1999        WVXU Web Talk Radio Show, Cincinnati Ohio

                1999        WVXU On the Money Radio Show, Cincinnati Ohio

                1998        American Society for Industrial Security

                1998        Ball State University, Telecommunications Class (X 2)

                1998        Dayton Microcomputer Association Computerfest (1 Day)

                1997        American Society for Industrial Security

                1997        Ball State University, Telecommunications Class (X 2)

                1997        Ohio Educational Data Systems Association

                1997        Western Ohio Computer Organization

                1996        Association of Telecommunications Professionals

                1996        Ball State University, Telecommunications Class (X 2)

                1996        Dayton Microcomputer Association Computerfest (2 Days)

                1996        Hamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association

                1996        WVXU Web Talk Radio Show, Cincinnati Ohio

                1996        WING Computer Talk Radio Show, Dayton Ohio

                1995        FBI National Academy Cincinnati Luncheon


Instructor Experience

                Police Training Institute (1999-2000) (Multiple)

                MAGLOCLEN/NYSP Gang Conference (1999) (X 1)

                Gangs Across America Conference (ROCIC) (1999) (X 1)

                Gang Information Sharing Conference (MAGLOCLEN, BATF, MD State Police) (1998) (X 1)

                Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office In-Service Training (1998) (X 8)

                Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Training Program (Internet for Law Enforcement) (1998) (X 8)

                High Technology Crime Investigation Association International Conference (1998) (X 1)

                Hamilton County Police Association (1998) (X 1)

                Police Training Institute (1998) (X 1)

                Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office In-Service Training (1997) (X 3)

                Hamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association CyberCamp (1997) (X 3)

                Hamilton County Police Association (1997) (X 1)

                MAGLOCLEN, Computer Crime & Forensics Training  (1997) (X 1)

                Hamilton County Police Association (1996) (X 1)

                Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (1996) (X 1)

                Police Training Institute of Cincinnati (1996) (X 2)

                Hamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association CyberCamp (1996) (X 2)

                Hamilton County Probation Department (1996) (X 2)

                Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Statistics Teaching Assistant, University Of Cincinnati (1993-1994)

                Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (1995) (X 1)



                National White Collar Crime Center

                International Association of Criminal Investigation Specialists

                Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN)

                High Technology Crime Investigation Association


1993-1996               Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, University of Cincinnati Pre-Law Chapter

1995-1996               Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society

                1992                        Honor Graduate Award, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Basic

Corrections Academy



                1988-1999               System Operator & Owner of Access! Information Services

                1993                        SSI Certified Open Water Diver (#326930066)

                1995-Present           Owner & Moderator, Computer Forensic Investigator Digest Listserv

                1995-1999               Owner & Moderator, Information Security Digest Listserv


Computer Related Experience:


·          15 years experience with computer systems (such as the Apple II series and IBM PC compatibles)

·          Operating System Exposure & Familiarity

·          DOS (Versions 2.xx through 7.xx)

·          OS/2 (v3.xx and up)

·          Linux

·          Windows 3.xx

·          Windows 95/98

·          Windows NT 4.x

·          Apple ProDOS

·          Macintosh OS8

·          Operating System Proficiency

·          DOS (Versions 2.xx through 7.xx)

·          Windows 3.xx

·          Windows 95/98/NT 4.x

·          Application Experience

·          Microsoft Office 4.x, 95, 97, 2000 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook 97/98/2000)

·          Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook Express

·          7 years experience with peer to peer & client/server networking – Lantastic, Internetworking (Internet), TCP/IP, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows NT 4.x.

·          PC Consultant/Troubleshooter for over 7 years.

·          Internet web page design and implementation experience – through HTML v3.x specifications, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX.

·          Member of the HTML Writer’s Guild.

·          Microsoft Site Builder Level 1 Member.

·          Responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Web Site (received a 3 out of 3 star rating by LEO Links and subsequent publication in their 1997 edition, featured on the COPS TV Show Map of Enforcement website, as well as other awards).

·          Website Designs:

·          Owner/moderator of the Computer Forensic Investigator Digest listserv, serving over 500 investigators as a forum for discussion and dissemination of issues of a high-technology nature.

·          Responsible for design and implementation of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Forfeiture Tracking Database.  The database was designed from the grounds up in Microsoft Access 97 and is utilized from 3 different physical locations across the county wide area network to track all forfeiture proceedings for the agency.

·          Responsible for design and implementation of RECI case tracking database, and various case related database designs.

·          Responsible for setup and maintenance of RECI local area network, within the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, encompassing 10 computer systems.

·          Currently maintain a 5 system NT based network at my residence with Internet access, imaging, and multimedia capabilities.

·          Designed, managed, and implemented the Parents Online program which is an education program for parents and educators discussing online safety issues.