Network / Systems Consulting

In today's society, to do business without computer systems is to go out of business.  However, computer technology can be somewhat overwhelming and intimidating.  In-house experts are sometimes able to get by, but there comes a time when a company needs the additional assistance of an expert to handle network management, information security, and implementation of new solutions.

When selecting an expert to handle your information services, there are two considerations -- 1) Cost and 2) Hiring vs. Outsourcing.  Both are closely related.

For most small to medium companies, outsourcing is the clear solution for both cost and efficiency.  Through outsourcing you obtain the experience of a knowledgeable computer expert without the associated overhead costs of an employee (such as medical, insurance, and tax expenses).

Jatero offers network and systems consulting for a very reasonable rate.  We respond day or night to your needs and work hand-in-hand with your employees to ensure their comfort with the systems you have in place.  Additionally, we can recommend any of a number of technology solutions to meet your expanding business goals, helping you automate your operation in a cost effective manner.

Another common issue is security, namely, protecting company data.  Jatero can assist your company in developing a company computer usage policy, firewall installation, anti-virus solutions, and systems configurations -- all of which greatly aid in keeping your data safe and your systems up and running.

Contact us via the contacts page for more information and a free consultation to discuss how Jatero can serve your company's information services needs.

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