Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a general term describing the examination of a computer system and its related media for specific data of interest.

Jatero offers computer forensics services to both the private and law enforcement sector. Using industry standard tools, Jatero is able to produce key evidence for civil and criminal litigation. Note that it is highly recommended that a target system be completely isolated from usage and powered off to protect the data (the mere starting of a Windows based computer overwrites hundreds of files which may cause loss of key data!).

For example, your company has recently hired a new salesman. Six months after his hire, he leaves your company and forms a competing interest, sending letters to all of your clients. You may think this a bit odd and contact an attorney to consider filing a suit. What has occurred is a virtual theft -- the salesman stole a copy of your client database. Note that this is a VIRTUAL theft -- since you were not deprived of any property (he didn't delete it, just copied it) you will likely not be able to prosecute him criminally.

The use of computer forensics may be able to show a pattern of activity that will aid in your lawsuit. Through the use of e-mails, deleted data, and other items found during an examination, the computer forensics specialist can piece together a history of the prior employee's computer usage and this type of information is very useful in a court.

Another example: Your company has been hacked and during the security breach, a number of files were deleted. Through computer forensics, much of your data may be recovered and the perpetrator will be traced back and once identified, be subject to criminal and civil liability.

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