Data Recovery

Data recovery is as much art as it is science.  Using industry standard tools, computer data once thought to be lost is restored either in full or at least in part.

When a file is deleted, the space it occupied on the hard drive is not initially overwritten.  Additionally, there are snippets of data, previous versions of documents, and other content that may be scattered throughout the hard drive.  Data recovery experts can recover the lost data.  Sometimes this is a simple undelete (science) whereas other times it takes a considerable amount of effort to piece the file back together (art).

Jatero offers data recovery services for purposes of civil litigation or simple data restoration.  Jatero will examine the disk and determine if the data can be recovered (if it has been overwritten is no longer recoverable) and then recover it to external media such as a floppy diskette.

In addition to recovering deleted files, we can also break password protected files (such as a Word document for example) and in some cases encrypted files.

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