Jatero Consulting & Development was formed in 1999 by James Nerlinger, Jr.  The purpose was to design a company that offered services to private sector personnel in the areas of computer forensics, data recovery, and network/systems consulting.  Additionally, educational services are offered to law enforcement through programs at the Police Training Institute and community education programs through Parents Online.

James Nerlinger began much of his formal training with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office where he was one of the founding members of the Regional Electronics Computer Intelligence unit (RECI).  RECI was charged with the investigation and prosecution of high-tech crime offenses.  Offenses investigated ranged from obscenity and child pornography cases through to corporate espionage, hacking, and data destruction.

Mr. Nerlinger has also been active as a speaker/lector for many groups and recently launched an online safety program for families and educators called Parents Online.  For further information about Mr. Nerlinger, please review his Resume & CV.

Jatero works hand-in-hand with clients in each of the above areas to bring about legal resolutions and/or service existing data management needs.  For information specific to your service needs, please select one of the menu options.

We look forward to serving your company.